In we will provide analysis and commentary on the policies and interests which were behind the events leading up to the global financial crisis.

We will also provide reviews and critiques of the media coverage and of the public discourse regarding policy choices facing governments and private sector actors.

The idea to name this website No-Bloomberg.Com, was inspired by Naomi Klein’s No Logo. Klein set out to expose how the dazzling veneer of Globalization and the fetish of brands with the aid of their logo concealed damages and injustices inflicted by multinational corporations on societies around the globe.

I use “Bloombergs” as a generic name for all the media platforms delivering business and economic news which in the case of the global financial crisis helped create the fetish of the financial markets (“Markets”) and their invincibility.

  The bloombergs include among others :


Dow Business Services

The business and economic news and analyses provided by the Bloombergs were designed to generate excitement and  an ostensible transparency of the “Markets”. However, it was creating a false impression among the consumers of news that the financial system is well managed and that nothing can ever go terribly wrong.


  1. Bruce Wilson
    15 July 2011 @ 4:46 pm

    Dr. Kaufman, I would like to interview for a story on media bias of European debt crisis. The article is for a writers’ newsletter in Canada. Story is due July 20. Please email me with a phone number and I’ll call you. I am based in Montreal, Canada.

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